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Introduction: Business location Germany: an overview

Kickoff Workshop: Fundamental considerations when entering in the German market

What is your Go-to-Market Strategy? 
What entry modes you should consider when exporting to Germany?
How can you optimize your business model & partner pitch?

Week I: Legal Basics


Unit 1: Legal Forms of Companies when entering the German market

  • What possibilities does the German commercial and corporate law offer for businesses and what legal forms of companies exist in Germany?


Unit 2: Distributor, partnership or corperation?

  • How to pick the most suitable option for your business - legal requirements and steps in the establishing process?

Unit 3: Commercial Law & Drafting of Contracts

  • What you should consider when posting workers to Germany, recruit skilled workers and lease employees?

  • What parts should be included in your contract to minimize your risks?

  • What you should consider when posting workers to Germany, recruit skilled workers and lease employees?

Unit 4: German employment law

Unit 5: Establishment & Taxation of Corporations in Germany

  • What tax regulations are relevant for Germany and how you can make use of them?

Week II: Intracommunity Trade


Unit 6: Export Control

  • What are the cornerstones of export controls & technical assistance?

  • Where do export controls apply to Companies?

  • What to consider for your internal compliance program?


Unit 7: EU Customs Union (preparation for Unit 8)

  • What are costumes presedures when importing goods and services from third countries?

  • What to consider when importing from third countries?

Workshop: Best practices and experiences of the topics market entry and German sectors

Unit 8: Customs procedures, access2markets Database

  • What is and how to use the access2markets platform?

Recycling and Packaging Regulations in Germany

  • What you need to know when exporting your packaged good to the German market?

Week III: Finding Partners and Public Funding

Unit 9: Finding business partners

  • Understand your Partner - Procurement in Germany: Situation, Processes & Developments

Unit 10: Public Funding and Procurement

  • How you find grands for R&D, hiring personnel, public equity capital, public loans and public guarantees?
    Where to apply for public procurement in Germany and the EU?

Training for Trade Fairs


Getting ready for your pitch I

Getting ready for your pitch II

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